Sawgrass Outlines Software Tips For Beginners In Product Decoration

Sawgrass outlines software tips for beginners in product decoration.
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Jimmy Lamb, Sawgrass’ education manager, offers tips to beginners on getting to grips with graphics software aimed at the product decoration business.

Set aside learning time

Take a couple of hours a week to get familiar with the software. This includes getting to know the toolbar (while keeping in mind that not all the tools available will be used).

Use the Help section that comes with the software; one can often learn how to perform many functions by reading through this information. YouTube also has several Adobe and Corel instructional videos. One can also find CreativeStudio instructional videos on YouTube.

Join an online forum

It’s good to have peers to rely on when stuck or the user can’t remember how to do something. Consider joining an online forum where there is access to hundreds of other people’s collective experiences.

There are many forums to choose from, and they’re often specific to a technology (sublimation, embroidery, engraving, screen printing, etc.) Some trade associations have online forum resources one can join. Many dealers of sublimation supplies have their own social media communities, so make sure to ask when placing an order.

Set design goals

Set short, achievable goals, then sit down at the computer and learn how to reach that goal.

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