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After years of hard work and dedication, Sign Wonder has become one of the leaders in the vehicle wrapping industry. Averaging up to four vehicles wrapped on a daily basis, Sign Wonder’s staff has become a force to be reckoned with, ensuring that each and every customer leaves their premises happy. The company will now exclusively focus on its vehicle wrapping and branding service, doing away with its signage services.

This commitment to excellence has put Sign Wonder in the unique position to completely refocus their business, which has put company morale at an all-time high. Moving forward, Sign Wonder will completely do away with the manufacturing and installation of signs and focus all staff and future efforts towards further building and improving their skill and capacity in the exciting arena of vehicle wrapping.

With their new lean and streamlined plans for the future, backed up with nearly twenty five years of product, service and design excellence, Sign Wonder is pushing the boundaries of the vehicle wrap market. Filled with years of experience and youthful vibrance, Sign Wonder is constantly active on social networks, their fingers firmly on the pulse of local and international designs trends. Personally managed by the owner, Sign Wonder will make big things happen for you and will ensure that you and your brand will be noticed everywhere you go.

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