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In the dynamic world of Perspex South Africa, change is the only constant. Following on from their launch of Xtruded Polymer Solutions (XPS), the Port Elizabeth based rigid plastic sheet extrusion facility, in October 2010, the group has been hard at work reviewing its overall business model and value offering to the marketplace.

Once the XPS manufacturing facility was bedded down and producing top quality styrenic and polyolefin based sheet products the senior management team at Perspex SA began to review and analyse their Perspex Cast Acrylic sheet manufacturing facility in Durban. In order to supply the market on a long term sustainable basis with world class acrylic sheet at competitive prices, the decision was taken to shift the manufacturing capacity to the wold class facilities of Lucite International in the UK. This presented several exciting opportunities for Perspex SA as Lucite is one of the worlds largest cast acrylic sheet manufacturers, with access to global technologies and product innovations.

Perspex South Africa is able to exclusively offer the trusted Perspex brand, made to world class quality standards. Furthermore, they have access to dynamic new products such as the visually stunning Perspex Coral Range, and the futuristic Perspex Spectrum LED range designed with the LED lighting phenomenon in mind.

Xtruded Polymer Solutions (XPS)

The XPS business is rapidly establishing itself as a manufacturer of top quality ABS, HIPS, HDPE and PP sheeting for the printing, POS, vacuum forming and fabrication industries. For those clients looking for extruded acrylic medium impact (MI) and ultra high impact (UHI) acrylic sheeting, XPS also offers this solution as a traded product. XPS leverages off the national footprint of sales, technical services, distribution and warehousing facilities within the Perspex South Africa stable and carries significant stock levels around the country to offer its client base a JIT based service offering second to none. XPS sets itself apart by focussing on specialised markets and offering a full technical, sales and partnership based value offering to these markets rather than just being a vanilla, commodity based sales organization. This focus has resulted in some fantastic long term partnerships being forged.

Perspex South Africa (PSA)

After the exciting metamorphosis, the quality of the Perspex product now offered by PSA is vastly improved and this presents several opportunities for fabricators, sign makers and POS manufacturers to now use Cast Acrylic Perspex based on a flatter sheet profile not too dissimilar from extruded acrylics, while still retaining all the premium qualities of a cast acrylic product. Furthermore Perspex SA can now offer the Spectrum LED Perspex range which diffuses LED backlit lighting to avoid “hotspots” and also enhances the resulting colours of the material. The Perspex Coral range is inspired by the 3D effects of coral reefs and offers several design opportunities for architectural, shop fitting and POS applications. Adding to the basket of goods, Perspex South Africa now also offers the Polygal brand of multiwall polycarbonate sheeting which is growing in popularity due to the superior thermal properties offered by this material.

The Future

The dynamic business culture of both Perspex South Africa and XPS means that both these business’s will constantly evolve in conjunction with their client needs and market dynamics. More new product lines will be introduced to add to the basket of goods the market can source going forward. New and innovative ways will be developed to satisfy the markets demands and changing material and service requirements. By developing close working relationships and listening to the clients needs, these two companies with one shared vision will be able to stay one step ahead of the pack.

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