Sheetco Announces New Sublimation Printer

Sheetco Announces New Sublimation Printer

Sheetco has announced the new Avanti i4 sublimation printer, which boasts a production speed of 120sqm/hour.


Bulk ink system

The system includes 3L ink tanks with a slow level alarm and syphon system subtanks.

Printing power

The latest technology Precision Core TFP printheads (4 heads with 12,800 active nozzles). The nozzle size is suited for sublimation print output demands.

4 colours (CMYK)

Avanti Series CMYK inks ensure printability and the best colour gamut. Free colour profiling is provided with the printer.

The purchase of the machine includes:

– Installation and three days training.
– Colour profile and print set-up.
– Technical backup and support.
– Free first set of ink and paper.

Print productivity

– 2 pass: 360 x 1200dpi, +/- 120sqm/h production speed.
– 3 pass: 360 x 1800 dpi, +/- 90sqm/h production speed.
– 4 pass: 360 x 2400 dpi, +/- 60sqm/h production speed.
– 4 pass: 720 x 600 dpi, +/- 65sqm/h production speed.

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