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SA International (SAi) will demonstrate the waste-reducing and workflow-improving benefits of PixelBlaster™ production software at EcoPrint at the EcoPrint Europe 2012 event, taking place from 26-27 September, in Berlin.

Visitors to EcoPrint will have the opportunity to hear about SAi’s award-winning PixelBlaster™ print-to-finish production software, which contributes to promoting lean manufacturing by maximising workflow efficiencies and increasing productivity for digital print service providers.

Increased production efficiencies

The PDF-based PixelBlaster™ is a genuine end-to-end system that optimises an operation’s entire large format print workflow from pre-flight, job preparation, colour management, RIP to analogue or digital (CTS to screen), output check to printing and automated finishing. As the first solution of its kind to deliver standardised printing to the large format sector, PixelBlaster™ cuts consumables waste by ensuring each printer automatically generates exactly the same predictable and reproducible output quality and colour – regardless of the brand of hardware, the type of inks or the substrates used.

These efficiencies are further enhanced, thanks to the way in which PixelBlaster’s advanced colour engine allows easy integration of proofing into the production process. By accurately predicting the final output, the software solution offers a cost effective way of eliminating errors and significantly reducing media and ink wastage, while saving time.

‘When addressing sustainable print production from a holistic standpoint, most print service providers would acknowledge that running a comprehensive end-to-end production workflow software plays a major contributory role in maximising the potential of lean manufacturing’, said Gudrun Bonte, Product Manager at SAi. ‘PixelBlaster™ typifies this by enabling improved production efficiencies, while reducing waste and cutting energy consumption costs.’

PixelBlaster won the Best Wide-Format Software Solution at the 2012 EDP Awards, which recognise innovative new digital products launched over the past year.

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