SAi Upgrades Flexi Software


SA International (SAi) has introduced a new range of finishing tools, an Integrated QR Code Creator and new drivers and upgrades for the SAi Flexi signmaking software.

Through SAi Flexi Rip software, PSPs can add grommet, fold and stitch marks as well as bleeds to banner jobs. With the grommet tool, users can define size, specify the number of grommets required (by distance or by number), set the distance for each edge independently, select a circle with or without fill, and change the colour depending on the image background. The above are achieved with real-time in-Rip preview.

For folds, users can input the size of extra white space independently for all four sides, choose to print a frame around the fold, and specify a solid, dashed or dotted stitch line in any colour.

The bleed tool provides several options: using solid colour, mirroring the image nearest the edge where the fold occurs, or repeating the last line of the image. The bleed width can be set in the same way as folds and the option to switch off printing in the corners is also available.

It is possible to combine the finishing tools with other features such as tiling and nesting. Also new is the Integrated QR Code Creator, which enables QR code creation by automatically converting text into a QR code. Designers can generate codes for web-links, email addresses, phone numbers and SMS messages without the need to download QR code images. The QR Code Creator integrates with Flexi’s Auto Serialisation Tool for printing a sequence of interactive banners.

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