The newly-released MediaZone Pro version comes with more than 50 new features and improvements.

Enhancements include:

  • Automated weather crawls with custom location with images.
  • Automated stock crawls with customised symbols and updated prices with images.
  • Automated RSS feeds with proper preview.
  • The ability to convert an existing image for use as a crawl.
  • Legacy RSS compatibility.

‘The latest update to MediaZone Pro provides registered owners of the software with more than 50 powerful enhancements that will improve their workflow, deliver greater operational flexibility and provide them with even more tools with which to edit content and build schedules,’ said Keywest Technology president Nick Nichols. ‘We are committed to making MediaZone Pro the premiere digital signage solutions, and this latest release moves us forward on that path.’

The media ticker improvements give MediaZone Pro users greater flexibility when preparing crawls to display weather and stock quotes. For example, automated weather crawls can now be placed where desired on screen. Custom images also are supported with weather crawls to draw viewer attention quickly to changing conditions.

Similarly, automated stock crawls can be set up with custom symbols, and updated prices can be presented with images to make price quotes more appealing and easier to read.

MediaZone Pro version also makes it easier to use the endless stream of fresh news and data available at no charge online as RSS feeds. The latest MediaZone Pro release offers a greater degree of control by providing a proper preview of selected RSS feeds to be used. This release also offers compatibility with legacy RSS formats.