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SA International (SAi) has released PixelBlaster 3.0 print preparation and workflow software. New features include a Layout function for true shape nesting, double-sided printing, white handling and cutting.

With a new user interface, Library now incorporates PixelBlaster Profile to create all profile components, including: print mode, ink splitting and calibration.

A new integrated media manager offers a streamlined overview of every profile, including spot colour edits. A new test chart generator recognises the defined media width and measurement devices. With the support of external measurement devices, like the Barbieri Spectropad, PixelBlaster Library now offers internal devices like those found in HP Designjet and Epson Stylus Pro printers.

PixelBlaster 3.0 supports a variety of double-sided printing applications. This feature can be used for jobs using both manual and automated file processing.

SAi said processing some types of input files (e.g. complex PDF files) has been improved by up to 200%. This drastically reduces Ripping time. Additionally, new rendering parameters are said to deliver significantly improved sharpness.

Using the added function of a ‘Cut’ tab in the queue function, it is now possible to define printing and cutting parameters for jobs in the same queue. This new tab offers all tools that are needed to combine printing and cutting into one fully automated production workflow.

Launched in 2012 and upgraded in 2013, PixelBlaster uses a PDF-based Rip to deliver workflow applications for many large-format printers. A key feature is its ability to standardise colours based on profiles including Gracol, Euroscale and Fogra.

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