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The Romano Group is celebrating its 61st anniversary this year. The business was founded in 1952 by Romanos Romano, widely regarded as one of the pioneers of the South African signage industry.

Romanos’ flair for design and willingness to take on any job led to a steady growth in the business. Initially the focus was sign-writing, however, soon the company started producing “5-by-2’s” (1,52m x 0,61m) high under-awning signs with fluorescent lamp illumination).

Over the years the company has stayed abreast with the latest technologies available to the signage industry and adopted these into the business. These included fluorescent and neon-illuminated signs (1950’s); engraving, acrylic fabrication and moulding (1960’s); screen printing and metal fabrication (1970’s); CAD/CAM – including computerised router and vinyl cutting (1980’s); digital printing (1990’s); and LED and ECG-based fluorescent illumination (2000’s).

In recent years, based on the needs of Romano’s client base and the company’s internal strengths, the company expanded its product range to include the following categories: Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Energy Systems, Signage and Print, Eco Lighting and Modular Construction.

Although Romanos Romano missed the technological changes taking place after his passing in 1993, his son Alexi Romano (the Romano Group’s current CEO) credits the growth and success of the business to the ‘incredible energy and passion’ of his late father, combined with the hard work and dedication of the Romano Group’s employees, both past and present. 

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