Right Stuff have come up with a new multi-purpose Spaza Shop Kiosk that has spawned an economical, mass-market version which they call the Budget Spaza Kiosk.

This spaza shop is a 2.2m high unit manufactured from moulded UV-protected fibreglass with a gel coat which is available in any colour. The walls and roof of this spaza shop are constructed from insulated Chromadek SIPS panels and the unit is equipped with a locking mechanism, aluminium window frame and shatterproof glass.

Budget Spaza Kiosk has no flooring, but it can be securely bolted to an existing slab floor. This spaza budget shop uses decals in place of wrap, which is available with the premium Spaza Shop Kiosk and is more cost-effective for mass distribution. 

The vending kiosk is particularly suited for use by cellular service providers who wish to deploy these units en-masse in rural areas to reach outlying users.

Right Stuff foresee that this unit will be equipped with solar solutions such as an internal light and a charging bay. 

The logistic yield is as follows: 

– 20ft truck = 21 units

– 40ft truck = 42 units

– Super link Truck = 63 units