Red Hand Sign Supplies Collaborates With Branding Design Swaziland

Red Hand Sign Supplies collaborates with branding design Swaziland.

Branding Design Swaziland approached Red Hand Sign Supplies to come up with a solution for the main feature sign of their client at a brand new building.

The sign had to accommodate certain design features to match the client’s needs. Among other requirements the sign had to indicate the name of the building clearly while being floor mounted and independent from other walls or balustrades.

The client needed the double sided sign to accommodate the official opening plaque and give this prominence in the design. The opening plaque was mounted in a specially designed cavity in the top centre of the Vista Light sign to give it a floating effect while making it the centre of attention for visitors.

As the building was officially opened by the King of Swaziland, the project had to be completed on time.

The design and production teams at Red Hand Sign Supplies worked in partnership with the Branding Design team to meet the above mentioned needs and deadline.

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