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The latest edition of Sign Africa Journal is online. The front cover story focuses on Stixo Signage Supplies and its impressive growth in only three years. 

Other features include:
Using Your Large Format Printer To Expand Services And Grow The Business

Your large format printer is capable of producing so much more and chances are you’re not pushing it to its full production capacity.

Key Trends In Textile Printing

Like many industries, the textile printing market has been changing to adopt new innovative technologies aimed at addressing a new generation of consumers, brands, as well as the supply chain.

Vinyl Cutting Camera Vs. Sensor Technology: Which Is Better?

In today’s market, you have a choice between camera-based and sensor-based optical recognition.

Advancements In Soft Signage Technology Create New Markets

Soft signage is taking over the industry, and this is apparent even to the average consumer walking through the mall, driving down the street or wandering about a trade show floor.

Your Customer’s Brand Deserves Its Own Unique Colours

Whenever Dan Antonelli is designing a new brand for a client, he’s always talking to them about the importance of owning their brand colours.

A Competitive Advantage Goes To Leaders That Get It Right

John Tschohl uses the example of four people who went through personal and financial difficulties but kept on looking forward to accomplishing their goals and making a difference, and this applies to customer service.

Graphics Professionals Need To Be Aware Of Their Environmental Footprint

According to Laurel Brunner from the Verdigris Project, there is no room to hide behind the idea that climate change is not as bad as it seems.

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