Daktronics Announces New LED Digital Billboard


Every Daktronics DB-6500 – the latest addition to Daktronics’ DB-6000 LED digital billboard series – produces directional illumination, producing light out and downward and limiting light toward unintended areas like adjacent neighbourhoods.

Daktronics uses fully sealed components and multiple calibration methods to ensure colour consistency and features a factory-installed, integrated SmartLink controller for redundant communication paths and remote power. Daktronics also tests every component in a state-of-the-art product reliability lab with a thorough, multi-step process.

Another option for billboard operators is System Health, an annual subscription that provides diagnostic information about every part of the display hardware from the modules to the computers. It works with any scheduling software and provides diagnostics through one convenient, user-friendly platform called Venus Control Suite.

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DAKTRONICS https://www.daktronics.com/

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