Past, Present, PageWide: Up To 18 A0’s Per Minute


Midcomp exhibited the HP PageWide XL 8000 for the first time in Africa at the Sign Africa Durban Expo, which took place from 24-25 February 2016 at the Durban ICC. Balancing speed, quality, and cost in printing applications once meant sacrificing one benefit for another. Today, HP PageWide Technology overcomes these trade-offs with revolutionary and scalable designs that deliver quality and speed together, at a significant cost advantage, based on the latest HP printing innovations built on proven technologies. Midcomp is a distributor of HP PageWide printers in Southern Africa.


The HP PageWide XL is the fastest large-format monochrome and colour printer on the market, allowing you to print faster than alternatives, even the fastest LEDs. It delivers:
• Up to 30 A1 pages/minute and 1500 A1 pages/hour in monochrome and colour.
• Monochrome and colour at speeds up to 60% faster than the fastest monochrome LED printer. (With a maximum linear speed of 23metres/minute (75 feet/minute), an HP PageWide large-format printer is 60% faster than the fastest rated LED printer as of March, 2015.)
• 350sqm/hr for high density graphics and 700sqm/hr for low density graphics.

The printer series is ideal for those businesses that want to become 'one-stop shops' and keep business in-house without having to outsource. The printers allow you to grow with GIS map and Point of Sale poster printing to generate new revenue streams. You can produce durable technical documents up to 101.6-cm (40-inches) wide with crisp lines, fine detail, and smooth grayscales that beat LED. You can also print colour technical documents at the lowest cost in the market, cut job preparation and finishing costs up to 50% and see up to 10 times lower energy consumption than comparable LED printers.

HP PageWide Technology spans applications from the office to commercial and industrial printing to provide solutions offering speed, quality and economy.


The HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer includes a stationary 101.6-cm (40-inch) print bar that spans the whole printing width. As paper moves under the print bar, the entire page is printed in one pass, enabling very high printing speeds. By moving only the paper under a page-wide, stationary printhead, HP PageWide Technology overcomes the trade-offs between quality and speed in traditional inkjet printers.

The key elements of the HP PageWide Technology platform producing high print quality, speed, and reliability include:
• A pagewide array of 42240 nozzles that produce ink drops with uniform drop weight, speed, and trajectory.
• 1200 nozzles-per-inch native resolution for consistently high print quality.
• HP Pigment Inks that provide controlled ink-paper interactions, high colour saturation, dark, sharp, and crisp text, and rapid drying.
• Precise control of paper motion for dependable print quality and reliable operation.
• Automatic nozzle health sensing, active and passive nozzle substitution, and automatic
printhead servicing for dependable print quality.


To precisely place a dot of ink, each nozzle must eject a drop when it is required and within tight tolerances on speed, direction, and drop weight. A service station in the printer checks each nozzle’s performance and determines if it is operating properly. Using HP’s optical drop detectors—that can see individual drops in-flight—1000’s of nozzles can be checked every second.

The service station cleans, wipes, and caps the printhead, and it can restore nozzles to operation. But if a nozzle cannot be recovered immediately, then HP PageWide Technology uses both passive and active methods to substitute good nozzles for bad ones suppressing artifacts such as white streaks down the page.

HP develops advanced pigment inks in its own laboratories to meet the unique requirements of HP PageWide Technology. HP Pigment Inks produce high black density and a wide gamut of vivid, saturated colors in a single pass. Prints are dry and ready to use right out of the printer. Compared to dye-based inks on plain and low-cost papers, HP Pigment Inks offer superior durability: resistance to damage from water, highlighters, dry smudge, and light fade.

With fewer moving parts and simple user-replacement of printheads, printers using HP PageWide Technology are designed and built to be robust. They provide easy maintenance and can support high-duty print cycles. HP PageWide business and enterprise printers and HP PageWide XL Printers reduce the amount of user intervention with large ink and paper supplies, automatic printhead servicing, automatic closed-loop printhead alignment, and automatic color calibration. Precision paper handling delivers both speed and quality with reliability users can count on during unattended operation.


HP PageWide XL pigment ink is specially designed to provide reliable and dependable operation with HP PageWide XL printers and produce high-quality output:
• Dark blacks and vivid colours on a range of media including uncoated bond papers.
• Moisture- and fade-resistant prints.


Designed for high-volume operation, the HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer is based on proven HP PageWide Technology, currently powering HP Inkjet Web Presses, producing four billion impressions monthly, and HP X series business printers.

HP 841 PageWide XL Printheads provide reliable and long-life operation, with an average life per printhead of 32 litres.


PageWide XL systems have been designed to help you provide radically faster delivery. To help you meet aggressive deadlines, productivity is optimised in every step of the workflow:

1. Using HP SmartStream Preflight Manager, jobs can be prepared in 50% of the time.
2. With an ultra-fast processor and the embedded Adobe PDF Print Engine 3,11 HP PageWide XL printers are designed for quick processing, including the most complex jobs.
3. Bidirectional communication between the HP PageWide XL printer and the production
stacker/online folder provides reliable operation.


• Up to six rolls: automatic roll switching when a roll is depleted or a different page size is selected.
• Dual HP ink supplies with auto-switch: replace used cartridges while the printer is running.
• 12.8cm (8-inch) touchscreen—status light reports current status and provides progressive alerts on potential issues that could impact production (i.e., out of paper or ink).


HP's PageWide technology will open new doors in the poster printing segment and may go a long way to bridging some gaps with other market segments that share the same marketing campaigns as commercial printers.

'We have not yet had the opportunity to fully explore the myriad of possibilities, applications and market opportunities that exist for PageWide technology in the poster printing arena,' said Sean Greer, Midcomp. 'We welcome all poster printing service providers to visit the Midcomp Innovation Hub and put the demo PageWide XL8000 through its paces, testing as many different types of artwork and applications native to poster printing service providers. PageWide technology prints super-well, super-fast and makes the impossible, possible!'

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