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The new Transjet Boost 836 sublimation paper is the latest product from Cham Paper’s range. The quick dry paper has been made for today’s faster printers. It has been developed in close cooperation with leading printer and ink manufacturers for maximum efficiency in sublimation printing. Its coating formulation is based on more than 15 years’ experience in sublimation paper development.

Sublimation inks with higher contents of solvents (glycol) that are often used with industrial printers cannot be absorbed by conventional coating formulations. The results are smearing printouts and a high share of rejects. With TRANSJET® Boost, the ink is instantly absorbed by the highly porous coating surface and passed through capillaries into the coating. While water and glycols are evaporating, the colour pigments remain stacked below the surface. During the transfer process, the capillaries serve as a turbo channel, speeding up the colour transfer by boosting the colourants out of the coating.

Due to the ultra-fast ink absorption capacity of its coating, the paper is an instant-dry paper, ideally suited for:

  • Industrial printing machines
  • Plotter-based printing
  • Unattended over-night printing
  • Designs with dark, saturated colours or high ink loads

It is sold in 310cm, 252cm and 162cm rolls in 90gsm and 120 gsm and is an ex stock product.

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