Sheetco Announces New Generation Calender Installation


Sheetco has announced the first installation of the new generation Model 91 3600 Monti Antonio calender, for transfer printing, reactivation and ‘crush’ heatsetting, in South Africa.

The Model 91 3600 is a new generation machine with a MONTI PLUS design philosophy, which improves transfer results and textile handling.

Other features of the machine include touch screen control, cooling for textiles before winding up, and winding tension control for textiles – with the ability to vary the windup compactness of the finished roll.

‘The machine is renowned for not only increasing productivity and transfer quality, but also a lower electrical consumption, which makes it an excellent choice with any grand format printer up to 3400mm wide,’ said Sheetco managing director Frikkie Booysen.

Tel: +27113961740


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