New Gemini Line Of Letters Produce Signs With Visual Impact

GSW – Mimaki

With Gemini’s new Elegance product, users can select from either a dramatic halo/edge-lit effect, or a vibrant face/edge-lit style, and choose from a 0.6cm (¼ inch) or 1.2cm (½ inch) exposed acrylic edge.

Elegance combines Gemini’s precision-fabricated stainless steel or aluminium with a distinctive, visible edge of LED-illuminated, translucent white acrylic that extends beyond the edge of the metal.

‘In either style, the bright and evenly-diffused contour of LED edge lighting produces an extra dimension of light and a pleasing glow that gets your sign noticed,’ said Wayne Meyer, product manager at Gemini. Meyer added, ‘Superior fit and finish between the acrylic and metal, plus the sophisticated lighting effects that are created, produce signs of exceptional visual impact and a sense of quality that enhances any setting.’

Elegance custom-design letters and custom logos are available in precision-fabricated, 15.2cm (6 inches) to 60.9cm (24 inches) high stainless steel or in 40.6cm (16 inches) to 60.9cm (24 inches) aluminium cans, with returns up to 7.6cm (3 inches) deep. Larger sizes can be accommodated depending on the configuration. A number of finishes and nearly unlimited paint colours are available, and premium titanium coatings are offered in stainless steel. Additionally, the UL-compliant LEDs are available in four colours: white, red, blue and green.

All Gemini products are built to last and guaranteed with a lifetime warranty on letters and logos, and a 4-year manufacturer’s warranty on UL®-certified LED lights and power supplies.

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