Mimaki Showcases New 3D Printer


The new 3D inkjet machine from Mimaki is due to be commercially available by the end of this year. The machine is still in prototype stage and is being called the 3DUJ-P for now.

Mimaki describes the 3DUJ-P as the ‘world’s first full-colour modelling machine’, offering up to 10 million colours. It was showcased at the recent FESPA event in Hamburg.

It uses high-definition modelling based on Mimaki’s advanced UV inkjet technology and prints at a maximum modelling size of 500 x 500 x 300mm. It can achieve 84% of the Fogra 39L Colour gamut and prints using water-resistant acrylic resin modelling material, with a strength equivalent to ABS.

3D objects are created through repeated curing, layer by layer, with the ink and supporting material being ejected simultaneously.

‘We are proud to announce that this is the world’s first full-colour model, offering up to 10 million colours,’ said Mimaki Europe managing director Yuji Ikeda.

‘Based on market feedback, there are many possibilities with our 3D printer, for example outdoor signage, product prototypes, mock-ups and modelling.’

In standard mode, the machine can print five ‘pieces’ in around 10 hours, but it also runs in high-definition and high-speed modes.

Mimaki president Kazuaki Ikeda said that this was the biggest ever FESPA for Mimaki.

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