Mimaki Showcases CJV300-130/160 At Viscom Frankfurt 2014


Mimaki showcased the CJV300-130/160 inkjet printer/cutter at Viscom Frankfurt 2014. The company also held ‘My Mimaki Days’ events throughout Germany in November.

Mimaki’s newly-launched solutions, developed in response to emerging market needs, highlighted how adopting new technology can benefit businesses by supporting existing market segments and addressing new possibilities.

Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing EMEA, Mimaki Europe B.V commented, ‘The print production environment has become so diverse that it is understandable how companies can be tempted to stand on the sidelines to watch how opportunities develop, unsure of how or when they can or should transform their own fortunes. However, you can’t stand on the sidelines for too long without falling behind the competition and disappointing customers.

‘That is why our portfolio of solutions is constantly evolving to address new and developing market opportunities. At the same time, we provide systems that help operations cost-effectively harness any commercial advantage that is possible, whether they are small or large, and no matter what their segment.’

The new CJV300-130/160 inkjet printer/cutter was created to do just that. Premiered in Europe at Viscom Paris 2014, it brings simultaneous print/cut operations to this class of printer for the first time, at a print speed of up to 105.9sqm per hour. Its two newly-developed staggered printheads deliver a wider print swath and ink drops ranging from 4pl to 35pl for beautiful, high-resolution printing.

Continuous register mark detection enables the continuous cutting of an entire roll of media while simultaneously taking up unrolled media. Zero margin register marks reduce media consumption by eliminating the margins between register marks, for less waste of often-costly media.

Also new to Mimaki’s technologically responsive and quickly expanding family of solutions, and available in spring 2015, is the functional entry-level Mimaki CJV150 inkjet printer/cutter. It operates at up to 56.2sqm per hour. The Mimaki JV150 inkjet printer, featuring solvent and water-based sublimation inks, is capable of creating a wide range of print applications, including indoor decorations, posters, shop or event decorations, and vehicle-wraps. Quick-drying SS21 orange and light black inks are available for both printers.

‘These two printers were unveiled at Viscom Italia and were received enthusiastically by attendees,’ Horsten added. ‘They demonstrate Mimaki’s dedication to developing leading-edge solutions for the signage and large format sectors. They also reflect our ability to deliver market-tailored solutions that enhance the creativity of our customers and their ability to deliver exceptional results, allowing them to work effectively and profitably in these demanding market sectors.’

My Mimaki Days

In conjunction with Viscom Frankfurt, Mimaki is rolling out My Mimaki Days across Germany on 12-13 November in Berlin, 13-14 November in Hamburg and Burg Seevetal, 18 to 19 in Rostock, and 24-26 in Hagen.

My Mimaki Days is a new concept that offers a customised programme for each customer’s particular interests, ranging from replacing a legacy system with new printing techniques to helping them expand their current offerings. Events are planned to cover:
• Economic pressures and new applications with UV – LED wide-format printers.
• Print and production of banners and promotional items.
• ‘Print & Cut’ with flatbed printers and laser.
• Vehicle wraps.
• When to use different types of ink including UV, SUV and latex.

Horsten concluded, ‘The variety of topics addressed is always a major draw for My Mimaki Days. There is something for everyone, since the issues covered touch on all of today’s primary pain points for companies seeking to offer an increasingly creative portfolio of services.’

This year, Mimaki Germany is celebrating five years of operation as Mimaki Germany GmbH, with 26 employees in Herrsching and Hagen. Shoji Midorikawa, Director Sales and Marketing Mimaki Germany GmbH, said, ‘My Mimaki Days are a great way of further supporting our customers and helping them see where they can make changes that will benefit their businesses. The German market in particular is seeing a growing demand for higher quality, and we expect the introduction of the new inkjet printing systems JV33/CJV30, JV300 and CJV300, as well as new inks, to address this demand. But we are also ready, willing and able to help companies take a deeper look at the broader business and production challenges they face to help them identify solutions to those issues while also enabling new opportunities.’

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