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Bert Benckhuysen, senior product manager at Mimaki Europe, hosted a webinar held on June 9 that focused on the recently released TX300P-1800 MkII hybrid textile solution.

Benckhuysen highlighted the key features of the machine, which include a 2 litre ink system, dual ink combinations, exchangeable platen system and industrial printheads for stable production.

The ability of the Mimaki Tx300P-1800 MkII to switch between direct-to-textile and transfer printing is enabled by its interchangeable platens. When printing direct-to-textile, excess ink penetrated through the fabric is drained by a platen with an ink-receiving channel. When printing on heat transfer paper however, this platen can be quickly and easily exchanged for a vacuum platen needed for paper printing – without the need for service engineers.

All textile applications are possible with its versatile ink, which include: reactive inks for cottons (fashion/apparel), acid ink (for swimwear and fashion), disperse ink (industrial clothing, banners and automotive car seats), pigment (home decoration and wallpaper), direct sublimation ink (for flags and banners) and sublimation transfer ink.

The hybrid printer is also able to facilitate either a traditional one-way ink set, configured with any one of five ink types, as well as various combinations of inks, providing unparalleled flexibility. Users are able to select from three different ink combinations – textile pigment/direct sublimation, textile pigment/sublimation transfer, or direct sublimation/sublimation transfer – to provide the best results across various applications.

Benckhuysen said that the machine is particularly useful for sampling and for smaller print shops who require smaller runs, thereby eliminating the need to outsource. Post processing such as steaming and washing is necessary depending on which ink and fabric has been used.

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