Inkjet Media Supplies has introduced the EnviroSub Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper and Sawgrass SubliM Dye Transfer Sublimation Ink to the South African market.

The company partnered with a European manufacturer to develop an eco-friendly paper for the dye sublimation printing industry which is made from recycled paper with the environment and user in mind. This unique coating is designed for maximum, consistent colour transfer with minimum ink consumption.

It is suitable for use with all common printing systems available on the market and with a wide range of inks. EnviroSub has an excellent release of ink during the sublimation process, saving money without compromising on quality. It is ideal for sportswear, garment, and flag manufacturers.

The company also sells Sawgrass SubliM Sublimation Ink, which is formulated to provide extended run-ability with minimal maintenance and maximum up time (putting ink on paper and not in the maintenance waste bottle). It offers superior colour results and quick drying.