Hypervsn Introduces Solo L 3D Holographic Display System

Hypervsn Introduces Solo L 3D Holographic Display System
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Hypervsn’s two new product offerings include the large format Solo L unit and Hypervsn 3D Studio. The announcement looks to target both individuals and big brands looking for new and innovative methods of reaching their audience.

The Solo L is a new, enlarged 75cm unit size that is over 33% bigger than the previous 56cm model. The additional size also allows for an image size that is 80% larger than the 56cm device. The displays are generated by a four-ray rotor lined with LEDs, projecting visuals up to 30 frames per second and creating mesmerising 3D images for audiences all around the world. The unit can be used to create unique digital displays at stores, events, and entertainment locations.

Hypervsn 3D Studio is an online service with the integrated 3D Content Marketplace that provides Hypervsn customers with a new and easy way of creating and customising 3D content for their Hypervsn.

Customers can take 2D images and convert them into 3D visuals within seconds, including a feature to add stunning animations and backgrounds to make them look even more impressive. 3D Studio is included in Solo M and Solo L packages, providing a new level of usability and content development, while dramatically reducing overall usage cost. The new Solo L will be available both in Cloud and Classic packages. Both offerings will be available globally and shipping will begin in late January.

Kiryl Chykeyuk, Founder of Hypervsn said, ‘Our new offerings highlight the team’s dedication to creating a fully immersive 3D holographic experience for both consumers and brands. The new Hypervsn 3D Studio will allow all consumers and brands to create amazing content and unparalleled disruption. 2019 will be the year that 3D holographic visuals become mainstream.’

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