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Grosvenor Branding Solutions was chosen by Barrows to print an exhibition stand which is on display at the King Shaka Airport in Durban. The exhibition is headed up by the Kingsley Holgate Foundation in co-operation with Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and Project Rhino KZN to highlight the International Youth Rhino Summit which will coincide with World Rhino Day from 21-23 September.

The giant Uphondo leBhejane (rhino horn in Zulu) by Grosvenor Branding Solutions has been placed in the airport’s domestic arrivals terminal. The 4.5m high horn is covered with cloth and artwork created by children from across the country.

Bandile Mkhize, chief executive of Ezemvelo Wildlife KZN said, ‘The exhibition allows youth to express themselves on rhino poaching issues. We have been encouraged by their interest in poaching and the kinds of things they have said about the situation we are dealing with.’

Adventurer Kingsley Holgate, who has travelled through Africa highlighting the rhino poaching crisis, said, ‘Our rhinos are under attack. Humans are seemingly intent on wiping them off the face of the earth. When we thought of ways to help with the fight against rhino poaching, we found that children would be a perfect tool. They create artwork that speaks volumes. Young people in South Africa and Africa realise what is going on and they want to help. Children have said things like ‘we are the kingdom of the Big Five, we must never become the kingdom of the big four’. They are just as concerned about poaching as adults are.’

Holgate mentioned that rhino poaching was not just a wildlife tragedy, but a human one too. ‘We have young men who are being paid to hunt these rhinos. They are local men who have families and are desperate for money. Some of them have been killed and some have been jailed for their hunting,’ he said.

Communications manager for King Shaka, Colin Naidoo said, ‘This is a very symbolic project, and we are honoured to have this launch at our airport.’

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