STIXO-Signage Supplies

Grafityp has improved the quality of its cast Grafiprint laminates. Grafiprint LAM040 and LAM045 will be replaced by their improved versions LAMX40 (glossy) and LAMX45 (matt). These new laminates are identical to the previous version except that their UV resistance and the gloss of LAMX40 are improved.

The UV-resistance of the cast laminates has been increased by about 25%, which will give a longer outdoor life. LAM040 and LAM045 had an outdoor life span of four to five years – LAMX40 and LAMX45 will have a life span of five to six years in Central-European conditions and when applied vertically. LAMX40 will also have a higher gloss than the former LAM040.

The new laminates LAMX40 and LAMX45 will be delivered automatically once the current stocks of LAM040 and LAM045 are no longer available. Some widths are already being supplied in the new improved quality.

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