Eco-Print Digital Media: Your High Quality Printing And Signage Solutions

Eco-Print Digital Media: Your High Quality Printing And Signage Solutions

Eco Signage’s Eco-Print digital media options encompass a diverse range of solutions such as a digital vinyl, laminates, One-Way Vision, floor laminates and printable wallpaper, catering to all of your printing and signage requirements. This article appears in Sign Africa Journal.

Eco-Print Digital Vinyls

Eco-Print self-adhesive vinyls provide superb printability and handling, ensuring excellent dimensional stability after application. Eco-Print SAV offers a wide selection of media suitable for all applications, from short-term advertising and displays to long-term indoor and outdoor graphics. Featuring exceptional ink absorption capabilities, these vinyls are compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, and UV inks.

• 2050 Gloss White clear adhesive: 80 micron, 1 year promotional vinyl.
• 4002 Gloss Transparent clear adhesive: 80 micron, 2-3 year vinyl.
• 5000B Gloss White clear adhesive bubble free: 100 micron, 2-3 year vinyl.
• 5202 Gloss White grey adhesive: 105 micron, 2-3 year vinyl.

Eco-Print Laminates

Vinyl laminate is a high-quality protective layer designed to enhance the durability and longevity of your vinyl graphics and surfaces. By adding a resilient shield against scratches, UV rays, moisture and chemicals, vinyl laminate ensures your prints remain vibrant and intact over time. Available in various finishes such as gloss and matt, it also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your projects. Ideal for decals, signs, and more, vinyl laminate is the perfect solution for maintaining the pristine condition of your designs in any environment.

• 3110 Gloss or Matt Cold Laminate: 80 Micron, 1 year.
• 4210 Frosted Floor Laminate: 200 Micron.

Eco-Print One-Way Vision

One-Way Vision is an ingenious solution that merges privacy and advertising. The perforated films transform windows into captivating displays for vibrant graphics while ensuring visibility from within. Perfect for storefronts, vehicle windows and office spaces, One Way Vision offers unparalleled versatility. Showcase your message boldly to the outside world, bask in natural light, and maintain your perspective. Elevate your surroundings with One-Way Vision — where privacy seamlessly meets promotion.

• 2310: 1.6mm hole, 150 micron, and 40% translucent.
• 3310: 1.6mm hole, 140 micron, with a 40% perforation.

Eco-Print Wallpaper

Revitalise any room with the ease and elegance of self-adhesive wallpaper. Ideal for both renters and homeowners, printable self-adhesive wallpaper is a go-to solution for instant and stunning transformations.

NZ4352 self adhesive textured printable wallpaper 160 micron is solvent, eco-solvent and UV printable.

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