Gencotech Announces New Digital UV Printing Machine

Gencotech Announces New Digital UV Printing Machine

Gencotech has introduced the GLM 64UV A2 desktop inkjet printer, which features high throughput, standard dual-UV LED lamps, one litre bulk ink, four colours (CMYK) as well as white and varnish colours that offer ideal printing quality for short to medium runs and on-demand printing.

The machine can handle maximum 200mm high objects, has a 600mm x 400mm print area, comes with a user friendly LCD control panel to access the UV printer’s special features and has a long working life span.

The use of servo motors increases the printing speed and reduces the noise. It also allows the printer to print with high accuracy and precision.

The white ink solution allows users to print white on dark colours or black out unwanted backgrounds. With the white solution, users can also create an embossing effect.

The automatic white ink stirring solution prevents the white ink from blocking or clogging the print head or pipes. The varnish solution allows users to print high gloss artwork or give colour printed work a high quality gloss finish.

The package includes:

– 1 litre of print head cleaner.
– Starter cleaning kit.
– Rotary attachment (for printing on glasses or wine bottles, etc.)
– RIP software.
– 2-3 days of training.

Optional items:

– CorelDRAW 2021 Fully Commercial Edition Designing Programme.
– Stand with wheels (to easily move the printer in your workplace).

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