GCC Announces Printing Production RIP Solution


Digital Factory RIP software by CADlink provides consistent colour quality and seamless file transfer regardless of the design software and fully flexible in-RIP production tools that streamline the print process for printing production.

Visual Production Manager (VPM) solves complex workflow scenarios and unifies them into a single, central production hub. Moreover, users can simultaneously assign multiple queue presets under queue manager for each print job to easily manage jobs on different media types or to define the print process for different print effects.

UV digital printing has its complexities in job preparation and production. Digital Factory UV Edition RIP software incorporates with the advanced features that address the requirement of print production. The queue manager for multiple queue preset function allows users to define the setting for later use or repeatedly printing. Digital Factory UV Edition RIP software simplifies the workflow of the print process and greatly increases work efficiency.

Digital Factory Feature Highlights

– Send jobs directly to queues from design applications (PhotoShop, Corel and Illustrator).
– RIP once, print many.
– Multiple queues supported simultaneously.
– Tiling of large jobs (automatic or manual controls).
– Nesting with MediaSaver (automatic or manual controls).
– Multi-copy with spacing controls (In-Queue feature).
– Cropping controls of image and job (In-Queue feature).
– Rotation controls of image and job (In-Queue feature).
– Mirror, invert image and job (In-Queue feature).
– Scale image and job to any size (In-Queue feature).
– Soft proofing.
– Single window visual interface – one central easy to manage hub for all jobs.
– Easy to use queue set-up wizard. Set up production queues quickly and easily.
– Auto-scheduling or manual scheduling of jobs.
– On-the-fly job prioritisation using simple drag and drop.
– Job archiving, history, print status and job log.
– Job notes.
– Job costing.
– Hot folder support.
– Barcoding support. Job description and production details via barcode identification. Machine-specific or generic.

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