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The European Sign Expo, taking place from 25-27 June 2013, will deliver a range of content for visitors, including informative seminars and conferences by leading experts.

Screenmedia Theatre

This three day conference will deliver a range of seminars, enabling providers and end-users to stay up-to-date with the latest industry knowledge and gain inspiration.

Leading experts will deliver sessions on topics such as; signs and stores, converging channels and digital signage integration.

Leading experts will deliver sessions on:

Signs and stores

Focused on best practice in retail digital signage internationally, the session will explore the role of digital signage in aiding purchasing decisions and developing the instore customer experience.

The ideal theme for retailers and customer-facing businesses.

Signs, spaces and structures

Investigating the practical implications of integrating digital signage into exterior and interior environments. Speakers in this theme will consider visual appearance, as well as some more technical issues like electrical supply and networking.

A set of must-attend seminars for professionals involved in digital screen media projects and design.

Converging channels

Now becoming crucial to digital out-of-home is its integration with mobile, social and online channels. Deployers of DOOH can examine the best tactics to generate consumer participation and engagement, measurability, and new technologies.

Anyone related to digital signage cannot afford to miss these sessions.

Digital sign design

The multi-channel approach for the modern campaign makes content a careful consideration. In ‘digital sign design’ we will examine factors crucial to digital screen media and its integration with various formats such kiosks, personal devices and conventional signage.

A useful stream for content producers including brands, as well as sign-makers looking to adopt digital signage.

Digital signage integration

A crucial theme that will explore the different elements within the digital signage network, taking into consideration key specifiers and purchasing considerations. Looking at the two extremes from ‘plug-and-play’ systems to estate-wide networks and the required equipment; media players, content management and connectivity infrastructure.

Seminars suitable for end-users, vendors, resellers and providers of traditional signage, to undersand digital signage jargon-free.

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