ErgoSoft RIP software has helped Textil Fab, a digital printing company, realise its company goal of ‘Absolute Flexibility’. Textil Fab, which is situated on the French-Swiss-German border ,has been specialising in small-run textile printing since 2005, and has since increased capacity to handle mass production as well.

Their digital printing know-how grew out of many years as master print manufacturers. The production of a high-quality textile print within a small time frame and with an unusually small minimum order, is a common client wish. The difficulty lies in finding appropriate production solutions.

New to the equation was the change of media, switching from paper to textile brought fresh challenges. ‘Learning by doing’ was the only way to build the competence to meet the often specialised requirements of customers. The Textil Fab print specialists built their knowledge piece by piece until they could control the complete print process.

Among these learning experiences was the decision to change the RIP software they were using, exchanging the Frensh RIP with ErgoSoft TexPrint. The conversion of all the printers to TexPrint immediately created noticeable improvements in the day to day functionality through the integrated print workflow, in which components function perfectly and communicate with each other. The usability of the software and the clear production overview features helped Textil Fab achieve a fast, high-quality production setup.

Customers could then say what sets Textil Fab apart: fast textile production with low costs and high quality. And even more unusual Textil Fab offers digital prints from only three running metres, making them an ideal printer for samples and other small production runs.

‘A big advantage of ErgoSoft compared to the previous software is the simplicity,’ says Andreas Uhlmann, President of Textil Fab. ‘Short, simple processes are important, so that production can run quickly and efficiently. The TexPrint software offers exactly the functionality that one needs for modern sample production: it’s easy to use, but if needed, it’s also capable of handling very complex orders.’

Textil Fab has found the ideal partner for digital textile processing in ErgoSoft. With help from TexPrint’s functions and special features for textile it is possible to handle complex jobs easily. Because the layout of ErgoSoft RIP is similar to Windows, new users find it comfortable to use and can quickly become familiar with the program. As an additional assistance for users, extensive, step-by-step documentation about the RIP can also be accessed directly from the programme.

With their success in small production, Textil Fab increased the quantity and size of their printers to handle large orders with ease. With machines from d.gen, Mimaki and Roland handling small and medium runs and with the recent addition of the industrial-sized Durst Kappa 180 for large orders, Textil Fab can meet the full range of customer requirements.

Uhlmann sums up Textil Fab’s service in two words, ‘Absolute flexibility. The flexibility to be able to meet our clients wishes, as diverse and complex as they may be. Textil Fab is prepared to deliver the desired quality and quantity in the shortest time. And the ErgoSoft RIP is a particularly important element in the production process, as it forms the connection between the customer requirements and our digital printers. Now we can produce on all our printers successfully and with the desired quality.’