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Hexis has released the new type of digital printing vinyl for large-format printers, the vinyl is HX190WG2, a 50 micro metre layered cast vinyl film that because of its formulation is tolerant with regard to the imperfections of the different print systems.

The manufacturer said its layered structure will ensure that ink will not affect adhesive and handling properties of the film, and as a consequence it is compatible with a wide range of printers, including those using hard solvent inkjet systems.

Being a cast vinyl film the product is suitable complex curved substrates (vehicles, rivets etc.) and adheres on steel, aluminium, PVC and melamine. HX190WG2 carries the micro-structured adhesive (Hex’Press adhesive technology) which make wrapping and repositioning the vinyl fast and easy due to the air egress channels in the adhesive coat.

Also available is a dedicated clear cast cold laminate, PC190G2, which directly matches the properties and performances of the HX190WG2. The biggest advantage for the installer is that the compound HX190WG2 plus PC190G2 handles and behaves like a HX20000 series cast vinyl.

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