EFI Installs UV LED Roll-To-Roll Superwide Format Inkjet Printer

EFI Installs UV LED Roll-To-Roll Superwide-Format Inkjet Printer

Texas-based Foxmark Corporation’s large-scale production of high-end interior graphics requires a powerhouse solution. The need for faster and bigger output led the company to purchase a new EFI VUTEk 5r+ UV LED roll-to-roll superwide format inkjet printer from EFI.

The machine is helping Foxmark Corporation drive continued growth in commercial and retail interiors for national clients. ‘Horsepower is always important when doing national programmes,’ said Foxmark CEO and Founder Richard Fox of his latest printer installation. His company, which has an additional 502.92cm (198 inch) wide VUTEk UV roll-to-roll printer, a VUTEk FabriVU®340 disperse dye sublimation soft signage printer, and a 320cm (126 inch) wide VUTEk hybrid flatbed/roll-to-roll UV LED printer, is leveraging its substantial printing strengths with Foxmark’s own online offerings to provide its customers with comprehensive, tailored solutions.

Foxmark has successfully established a unique value proposition for retail and commercial customers in offering end-to-end, localised and customised solutions for interior printing applications. ‘Clients can set up display design options based on their needs,’ explained Foxmark Sales Director Gary Paczosa. Retail businesses can identify a set of standardised graphics for all sites that can then be ordered and localised for each new or renovated location. ‘Localisation is the hottest trend for national retailers and Foxmark provides integrated solutions to meet that demand,’ added Paczosa.

Customers initiate an order through an online portal – one that was developed by Foxmark’s own software engineers. The portal – which handles all client reviews and approvals – is integrated with the printers on the production floor. When the projects are approved, the orders progress to manufacturing, shipping and on-site installation. All phases are managed within the proprietary Foxmark portal.

‘One of our company divisions is Signpost USA. It is another online portal to manage and coordinate outdoor signage for commercial real estate companies nationwide,’ said Paczosa. ‘Customers log in to the portal, customise a preapproved template and submit the order. Production, installation and invoicing are all handled electronically. The sign is installed exactly where the client requested based on GPS coordinates.’

Foxmark can now deliver more in its online-driven, comprehensive offering thanks to the VUTEk 5r+ printer’s extreme versatility. Designed to offer superior throughput with a low total cost of ownership and the most available options, the printer delivers premium imaging with high ink coverage, high colour density and a wide colour gamut.

The VUTEk 5r+ features 7-picolitre UltraDrop™ Technology, which provides superb transitions, vignettes, skin tones and shadows. It also features numerous important options that give users the power to print and finish more jobs per shift, including double-bladed slitters and multi-roll support for automated backlit and blockout printing. EFI – 3M™ SuperRange inks used on the printer give Foxmark and its customers the ability to deliver products covered by the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty.

While Foxmark Corporation sees opportunity in branding and in-store retail applications, corporate interior work – which requires using a broader range of media – is a large and growing part of the business. ‘That’s what drew us to the 5r+,’ said Paczosa, ‘the ability to print on various kinds of substrates, whether it be polyester or films.’

The EFI Fiery® proServer digital front ends (DFEs) Foxmark uses to drive its fleet of EFI VUTEk printers deliver robust production capabilities and high-end colour. EFI’s exclusive Fiery Accelerated System Technology (FAST RIP) for the DFEs accelerate file processing speeds by an average of 5 times, reducing printer idle time to a minimum. Advanced spot- and process-colour optimisation on the Fiery proServers eliminate complicated device link profiles and facilitate getting colour right first time. Features such as Fiery Dynamic Smoothing ensure smooth gradations, reduced compression artifacts and clean highlight areas without affecting fonts and fine contours.

In addition to handling a wide variety of flexible substrates, the VUTEk 5r+ printer features specially developed white printing modes that offer increased speed and enhanced quality. ‘With white inks, we’re seeing a lot in corporate interiors for decorative window films and in wall coverings,’ said Fox. ‘The 5r+ doubles the speed of white printing, so that was a big benefit for us.’

The company has also been seeing growth in translucent projects and sign faces – projects that the company’s newest printer excels at. ‘Colour-white-colour was another reason for our move to the 5r+,’ said Fox. The printer’s white printing modes allow for up to five layers, improving versatility and range of projects.

Foxmark’s new VUTEk printer also features EFI’s industry-leading LED curing technology, offering both cost savings and environmental benefits. ‘The LED ink’s GreenGuard certification was appealing to us,’ said Fox. ‘We know sustainability is important to our customers, and so we are emphasising that messaging in our marketing and social media.’

Foxmark Corporation is starting to thrive with the printer’s extensive capabilities, and relies on EFI expertise to break into new application opportunities and drive innovation for its clients. ‘EFI is dialled into what’s going on in various markets,’ Fox said.

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