DP Lenticular Launches Large Format Sheet Size

DP Lenticular Launches Large Format Sheet Size

Following discussions with large format clients, new 2.5m sheets have been developed to support greater production flexibility. Available now, they join the existing and popular 1.8m sheets.

The new sheet sizes were launched for the company’s MOTION 20 LPI 54°-LF lenticular sheets. This sheet supports large format motion images such as flip, zoom and morphing as well as all kinds of animations. With a wide viewing angle of 54° and a thickness of 1.95mm, it enables the production of lenticular images on flatbed digital printers and lamination.

‘We were being asked by customers to provide these very popular options in a larger size,’ explained DP Lenticular’s founder and managing director Daniel Pierret. ‘We wanted to be sure that the product would respect our strict tolerances. We are delighted to be able to meet our customers’ demands and bring these to the market.’