EFI has launched Fiery® FS100 Pro software, an integrated front-end system for digital print engines, at GRAPH EXPO.

The system will enable the growing base of EFI MIS customers to achieve integration between EFI MIS systems and Fiery Driven™ digital print engines for greater automation and efficiency.
‘Fiery FS100 Pro is a big step forward for EFI’s industry-leading line of digital front ends,’ said David Erlandson, general manager of Caslon, the management company for PODi. ‘The new features provide substantial gains in productivity, impressive improvements in ease of use, and integration that will help commercial printers and digital printers reduce costs and improve service.’
EFI innovation continues to be recognised by the industry. Fiery FS100 Pro now carries the VIGC PDF RIP Audit: Perfect label, the first and only digital front end that has achieved this 100% compliance certification. The VIGC PDF RIP audit tests the rendering of PDF/X-4 features and only awards a ‘perfect’ certification to those systems that are able to render all features as expected. Print providers using a Fiery FS100 Pro digital front end can have confidence that the true intent of the graphic designer using tools like Adobe Creative Suite will be reflected in the print job correctly the first time, avoiding costly reprints, delivery delays, and dissatisfied print buyers.
‘FS100 Pro addresses the print provider’s need for vibrant image quality delivered quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, allowing the faster completion of complex work and the ability to maintain a competitive advantage in a demanding marketplace,’ said Toby Weiss, senior vice president and general manager of EFI’s Fiery business unit. 

Central to the performance gains of Fiery FS100 Pro is HyperRIP, a unique, speed-enhancing technology that splits individual files so that they can be processed with multiple interpreters simultaneously to reach the print engine up to 40 percent faster than current systems.

Fiery JobMaster: Integrating into the existing Fiery workflow is this new make-ready solution which allows operators to assemble complex documents efficiently. Fiery JobMaster includes visual tab insertion and design, easy-to-use page editing and numbering, page-level ticketing, chapterisation, ability to import and modify scanned pages into jobs, and late-stage editing features.

JobFlow: This innovative, browser-based workflow solution allows print operations to automate file processing routines in an intuitive and simple manner. This includes the ability to convert, preflight, edit, image enhance and impose documents directly before printing, saving time and money by automating repetitive tasks and preventing printing errors.

Fiery Command WorkStation® 5.4: The latest update to EFI’s signature Fiery user interface includes integration with Fiery Colour Profiler Suite and convenient inline editing of the copies, job names and workflow data. The premier in-RIP interactive image enhancement technology now offers refined tools to improve facial skin tone independent from other image areas and improved red-eye detection/correction.

Fiery Ticker provides an ‘at a glance’ update on Fiery job status, presenting a large display view of key information for an operator such as processing and printing speeds of the current job, pages remaining to print for the current job, error messages, and tray information.

Industry-Leading JDF Integration: FS100 Pro’s inclusion of the latest JDF standards will enable the 20,000+ print provider sites that use EFI MIS and web-to-print products to seamlessly integrate EFI and other third party products with Fiery digital front ends, making Fiery the preferred choice for commercial printers. Fiery FS100 Pro, along with Fiery System 9R2 and 10 are the first to achieve the JDF1.3 Integrated Digital Printing Interoperability Conformance Specifications (ICS) certification by CIP4.
The first digital print engines to feature Fiery FS100 Pro will be commercially available in the first quarter of 2013. Fiery Command WorkStation 5.4 will be available for download from EFI’s website in mid-October.