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Eco-Alpine Media showcased wide format solutions from Agfa, including the :Jeti 3020 Titan and :Anapurna M1600, at the Sign Africa Expo.
Agfa :Jeti 3020 Titan
The new system comes with a 48-head configuration. It guarantees high-quality and incomparable high-productivity printing, using eight heads for each colour (CMYKLcLm). It prints at the same high speeds for roll-to-roll and rigid materials, which makes it the most versatile wide-format printing solution on the market. 
Productivity, reliability and durability are key components to the :Jeti Titan 3020 which has a maximum print area of 3.2 x 2m in its flat-bed configuration, and the ability to be modified to handle heavy-duty rolls of material with its FTR (flat-to-roll) option. The bed design and construction makes it easy to load and unload media, with the :Jeti 3020 Titan being able to start printing from the rear or front position.
The unique moving table principle results in extremely high precision dot positioning, which enables even the trickiest of applications, including lenticular printing, to be produced flawlessly. This accuracy incorporates enhancement features that have been implemented in the software, such as gradient masking and nozzle redundancy, and which result in the best quality results even at the highest throughput speeds.
Agfa :Anapurna M1600
This is a high-speed UV curable inkjet system suitable for 156cm wide prints for graphic screen printers and sign shops. Its white ink function creates new possibilities and opportunities. Top class productivity is ensured with print output of up to 46sqm/hr.
White ink is ideal to print on coloured or dark substrates. The white ink function creates new possibilities for printing on transparent material for backlit or backlit/frontlit applications. It can even be used as a spot colour to bring in to focus certain parts of an image. You might even consider printing images on dark substrates using white ink only.
The :Anapurna M1600 has a fully separated white ink management system on board. The M1600 has a separate circulation system, a separate under-pressure-regulation and a separate cleaning circuit. The white ink tank is equipped with a stirring mechanism to keep the ink properly mixed at all times.

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