Durst Announces Large Format Sales Agreement With IGEPA

GSW – Mimaki

IGEPA Systems GmbH in Germany has announced a partnership agreement with Durst, through which it will distribute Durst’s large format printing portfolio.

In future, Durst software solutions will be available at the respective demo centres at the IGEPA locations throughout Germany. The agreement includes the distribution of the Durst P5, Durst Rho and Durst Rhotex series of web and flatbed printing systems as well as the Durst Software Eco-System with the Durst Workflow and Durst Smart Shop solutions.

‘In addition to our direct sales, with the IGEPA Systems, a subsidiary of IGEPA group, we have a strong specialist wholesale partner at our side to further expand our presence in Germany,’ said Andreas Unterhofer, managing director of Germany for the Durst Group. ‘They have a wide range of products and the necessary know-how in large format printing to be able to advise customers on the various suppliers, printing systems and software. We are already benefitting from the increased interest in Durst P5 and the integrated software solutions.’

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