UTH Indents Introduce Specialised Glue For Signage


UTH Indents has announced its U2 Glue, which has been formulated to work with PVC banners, billboards, tarpaulins, tents, inflatables and truck side curtains to name a few.

This glue removes the need for high-frequency or heat gun welding, as once applied, it takes between 3-4 seconds to set and creates a heat reaction between the two layers of PVC to completely fuse them together – exactly the same way the heat gun or hi-frequency weld would be created.

U2 glue is sold in 50ml bottles, in packs of five bottles each. Because this glue has almost a ‘water’-like consistency, a small amount goes a very long way.

The applications of this glue can range from first tier manufacturing – without having the need for expensive heat welding equipment – to quick repairs onsite.

Apply the glue to one of the surfaces being bonded, and hold down the second surface for 2-3 seconds on the applied glue to create an unbreakable bond. Surfaces need to be wiped clean of dust and sand, etc. prior to use.

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