Com2C Presenting New Backlit Solutions


Com2C is presenting innovative solutions for promotional print under its own brand caleidoscop, such as the newly developed speciality textile BacklitTex 195 OVESS SM W RF.

The caleidoscop brand encompasses more than 10 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing printable substrates of any kind and size. ‘We have a wide range of new materials, that are ideally suited for backlit projects’, explained Andre Kapsa, managing director, com2C. A typical application is illuminated advertising in a rubber frame system. ‘The range of applications is extremely broad thus it is increasingly used by the retail market for presentation of promotional messages.’

Experts from Vlotho are presenting the newly developed Backlit-Tex 195 PUVESS SM W FR, among others. The satin-gloss backlit polyester textile provides rich colours and excellent transmittance. As a kink-free substrate that prevents ink cracks and white showing through after folding, it is almost predestined for folded shipping and use in aluminium frame systems.
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