Caldera Announces Support For Agfa Printers

Caldera Announces Support For Agfa Printers

Designed for versatile production environments, both Agfa Anapurna H1650i LED and H1650iW LED suit a large variety of applications, ranging from banners, posters, backlit, front-lit, labels, home décor and ceramics to other niche applications such as DVD printing, art reproductions and customised items.

Caldera has announced support of the Agfa Anapurna LED Series for CalderaRIP Version 14. These new drivers expand the award-winning software’s long list of supported peripherals for wide format production.

Driving the Agfa Anapurna LED Series with CalderaRIP software is the best way to make the most out of the printer’s speed and versatility. Indeed, Caldera currently supports more than 1600 large format printers and cutters from various manufacturers, making it the perfect choice for print shops using several peripherals from different brands. It streamlines printing workflow and saves valuable time by using one single, user-friendly interface.

When it comes to accuracy, the RIP solution embeds premium components to always ensure perfect results no matter the application or substrate: the latest version of the powerful Adobe PDF Print Engine ensures a reliable reproduction of designs on any surface, while the outstanding X-Rite i1Prism Profiler manages ICC profiling to let users keep control over colours and ensure smooth gradients.

Furthermore, CalderaRIP is fully compatible with PrimeCenter, the prepress solution designed to help print shops optimise their file preparation for printing and cutting. PrimeCenter offers a range of features, including nesting, preflight, annotations, cut marks management and double-sided printing to cut down errors and media waste and increase the profitability of printing businesses.

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