ColorJet Showcasing Textile Printing Solutions

GSW – Mimaki

The Vastrajet ensures a quick return on investment. It is a robust and simple printing system; is adaptable to multiple fabric styles; offers superior printing accuracy with minimal maintenance needs as well as outstanding performance with increased productivity.

With the introduction of a 16 head version, Vastrajet has become an even more attractive investment. It can handle the most basic of print designs on home furnishings all the way up to high fashion wear.

Metro by ColorJet is a modular, versatile industrial production printer with Kyocera print heads. variable drop printing technology enables higher resolution of 600 x 1800dpi, fine printing quality and excellent sharpness with top speed up to 350sqm per hour.

’The textile industry has been shifting towards green printing. Keeping that in mind, Colorjet has already developed eco-friendly and energy saving printers. Colorjet prides itself in designing machines that deliver the highest productivity per litre of water, and prints with aqueous water-based inks. It also has printing machines that easily prints on polyester-based fabrics, which can be recycled, uses environmentally-friendly aqueous based inks and achieves goals of green printing and energy saving’, said Jitender Pal Singh VP – Textile, ColorJet India Limited. These solutions will be showcased at DTG-2020 in Bangladesh.

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