ColorGATE has launched Webgate 1.5 for online shops, based on the proven Magento online store. The main highlight is the unique LayoutBuddy. The new W2P solution allows print service providers a fast and cost-effective entry into online business.

As a shop owner, the print service provider can configure versatile product offerings such as posters, banners, wallpapers etc. via LayoutBuddy back-end. Afterwards the shop customer can choose from the range of product offered in the shop and edit each product in the LayoutBuddy front-end (online design editor). The shop customer can finish his artwork in five simple steps without any graphic design skills.

It addresses all print service providers in large format printing, as well as commercial printing, pre-press, packaging and industrial printing, that intend to increase customer loyalty and to attract new customer groups with their own digital print shop, especially in the field of large format printing products.

Three main pillars ensure the success of CG Web to Print Webgate 1.

  • Magento online shop system
  • LayoutBuddy (versatile online configuration-tool for shop owners in the back-end and easy-to-use online design editor in the front-end for shop customers)
  • ColorGATE service and support

Magento online shop system
Currently Magento is the fastest growing open-source e-commerce platform. Online retailers using Magento will profit from a quick and intuitive product management for a wide range of versatile products such as posters, banners, displays, roll-ups, pop-ups, canvas, stickers, magnetic signs, customized wall design, wall papers etc. Automated processes and easy commercial processes allow a time-saving order processing and production, enabling the shop merchant to reduce costs and to provide attractive offers. In addition the solution provides a tailored production from very small, to medium up to large print runs according to customer requirements, and a high degree of customization and personalization for quotations, production process and print products.

An extensive variety of payment and shipping options perfects the services. The layout of the online shop can be adapted completely to the corporate design. The built-in search engine optimization (seo) also ensures a good ranking on the results pages of search engines. With a large global developer community, Magento shop system is consistently developed and will therefore also meet future requirements.

LayoutBuddy – back-end online configurator
LayoutBuddy back-end: In the back-end of the LayoutBuddy the shop owner can define which products will be presented in the front end of the LayoutBuddy – the online design editor. Currently, up to five different configuration modules are available (Basic, banner, Canvas, Sticker and Wallpaper), depending on license purchased. Based on the individual configuration modules almost any number of customisable printed products can be configured, such as posters, banners, displays, roll-ups, free-form labels, canvas etc. Even entire walls can be lodged in the wallpaper shop. Via the linked Magento shop it is possible to add text and images to each product offered.

LayoutBuddy – front-end online design editor
LayoutBuddy front-end: For customers of the shop owner, LayoutBuddy presents itself in the browser window as a very easy to use, Flash-based online editor. Depending on the offered / chosen end product (banner, canvas, stickers, wallpapers  etc.) shop customers using the design editor can easily create their own unique, yet professional print file in just five steps, supported by a variety of easy-to-use tools. The editor window immediately provides a view of how the artwork will look like and the cost of the final product. Finally the customer just needs to place the order.

CG Web to Print Webgate 1.5 provides a Fotolia interface (to use the Fotolia database users have to apply for API at Fotolia) and/or the ability to integrate own picture databases to offer customers via the LayoutBuddy a wide choice of images for creation of attractive print products. Due to intuitive handling and versatile options there is no limit for the target group of these kinds of shops – but they are particularly efficient and effective, when customers need to produce fast and cheep print products without the use of an expensive advertising agency or any in-depth graphic design skills.

ColorGATE service and support
Comprehensive service and support of ColorGATE including installation, configuration and integration of the online presence is the third important pillar of CG Web to Print Webgate 1.5 which will simplify the entry into the online business for print service providers significantly.

ColorGATE RIP software Productionserver 7 and CG Web to Print Webgate 1.5
Combining CG Web to Print Webgate 1.5 with ColorGATE Productionserver 7 RIP software, customers profit from a perfect colour management and will produce high quality print products at any time that are characterized by brilliant colour reproduction, neutral grays, natural skin tones.

Print service providers can test CG Web to Print Webgate 1.5 intensively in the demo shop ‘BannerBox’.  Further information about products and prices are available on ColorGATE website  respectively customers can send and inquiry.