Chemosol Showcasing DTF Printing Solution And More At Sign Africa Bloemfontein Expo

Chemosol Showcasing DTF Printing Solution And More At Sign Africa Bloemfontein Expo

Chemosol is exhibiting its DTF printing solution, as well as Epson machines and heat presses, at the Sign Africa Expo in Bloemfontein, being held at Ilanga Estate on 15 February from 9am-5pm.

DTF Solution

With the Hanrun Paper SEN-A331 all-in-one DTF printer, both the printing and powder shaking process is completed in one machine. The DTF film does not easily go crooked, and the machine takes up less space. Features include fully automatic unmanned operation powder shaker, heating system for immediate drying of ink, infrared sensor, as well as integrated rewinding and printing.

Epson Solutions

The SureColor SC-F500 is designed to help businesses expand their product offering, and is Epson’s first 60.9cm dye-sublimation printer. The SC-F100 was developed for small businesses and start-ups looking to expand their product offering into the promotional goods sector.

Heat Presses

The CY-707 cap and flat press machine features a digital display for time and temperature, and a shaft for pressure. Features include a temperature range of 0-399°C, and a time range of 0-99 seconds.

The CY-S1 8-in-1 combo/multi-functional heat press machine’s heating plate and working face are constructed with pure aluminium, which tends to not twist easily under pressure and provides a longer lifetime than others made of metal. It can be used to apply transfers, letters, numbers and images on T-shirts, garments, bags, mouse pads, jigsaw puzzles, ID badges, ceramic tiles, cups, mugs, plates, baseball hats and other items.

The CY-G2 manual high pressure heat press features a digital temperature and time display, with simple operation and a 38 x 38cm working size. Chemosol will also showcase its CY-022 mini-mug press.

Sign Africa Bloemfontein, taking place on 15 February at Ilanga Estate, from 9am-5pm, is sponsored by Stixo and Roland. Entrance is free, please register online.

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