Midcomp Client Installs HP Printer To Enhance Sublimation And Soft Signage Offerings

Midcomp Client Installs Printing Solution To Enhance Sublimation Offerings

Offering users fabric and textile dye sublimation printing, the HP Stitch S1000 has a top speed of 220sqm/hr and can print on media up to 3.2m wide.

Barron said its recent investment in a new HP Stitch S1000 has helped the company to significantly enhance its sublimation print service and expand its soft signage offering. Based in Johannesburg, Barron has been delivering high quality printed garments to the market for more than 30 years. While Barron’s core lines are in apparel and workwear, it also offers products in the display, gifts and bags categories.

In recent months, Barron has noted a marked increase in demand for its soft signage services, with more customers turning to the company for solutions and support with this type of work. This led to Barron exploring the market for hardware to help meet the demand and deliver quality pieces to clients across a range of sectors.

After speaking with approved HP distributor Midcomp, Barron soon identified the HP Stitch S1000 as the ideal solution. Barron subsequently purchased the HP Stitch S1000 from Midcomp, with the new machine being installed at its specialist Johannesburg facility.

‘Our existing equipment was not able to keep up with volume in terms of the level of demand we have been experiencing for soft signage services,’ Barron Marketing Executive, Lollitta Pitso, said.

‘We had received good feedback from the South African market regarding the HP Stitch technology, and have also always received good support from Midcomp. For Barron, the HP Stitch S1000 ticked all the boxes for our offerings.’

The device has been up and running for a couple of months now, with Barron reporting a significant improvement in production capabilities and quality. Pitso said this will support the business and its long-term growth plans, especially in the soft signage market.

‘We very much like how easy the machine is to use, as well as its speed, versatility and reliability,’ Pitso said. ‘It can also create bright, popping colours, which is essential in the sort of work we produce.’

‘This investment was a key business decision as it is aligned to growing our sublimation product offering. It positions us favourably in terms of being able to deliver services to our customers on a larger scale and with favourable pricing for this product category. We are now looking at how else HP technology can support us with our expansion strategy.’

Tel: +27 11 789 1222
Email: sales@midcomp.co.za
Website: http://www.midcomp.co.za

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