Caldera Releases New Canon Large Format Drivers

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Caldera has announced drivers for the new Canon Arizona 2300 series. Launched in early September 2020, the series has been designed for speeding up large format printing production while improving operator efficiency. It has varying ink channel options available to support a diverse range of applications.

These new Canon flatbed printers can now be used with CalderaRIP software (Version 13.1) for a better user experience and faster, cost-effective printing. Caldera offer five different drivers depending on the ink configuration (4, 6 or 8 inks) and flatbed size (GTF or XTF).

Moreover, compared to the previous Canon Arizona 2200 series, the new 2300 series is built around Arizona FLOW technology, a new system which better secures the substrate to the table in order to increase productivity.

For users who have subscribed to CalderaCare, the Double-sided printing automation feature available in CalderaRIP Version 13.1 can optimise their workflow and change the way they produce with the Canon Arizona flatbed.

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