Caldera Launches Latest RIP Software Version For Digital Cutting And Printing

Caldera Launches Latest Iteration Of RIP Software

CalderaRIP Version 14.1 has been developed to enhance digital cutting and printing.

According to Caldera General Manager Samin Sarkar, CalderaRIP is a powerful solution that can seamlessly integrate into any printing and cutting environment, allowing users to drive several print and cut peripherals with just one licence. ‘As always, this new version focuses on customer success and performance and is driven by user needs across a wide range of printers and applications.’

Included in the upgrade is a range of new features that have been designed to improve accuracy and expand users’ capabilities in digital cutting and printing. PS and EPS file processing is also enhanced with a 10 percent speed boost for faster and more efficient workflows.

The improvements to the PS and EPS workflows are provided by the new embedded PS2 PDF engine, which is powered by Adobe PS Converter. The result is a 10 percent speed gain and, working in combination with the Adobe PDF Print Engine, the new version of CalderaRIP ensures coherent, reliable and scalable PS and EPS workflows and high-quality results.

Additional features of the new version include the support of new M1 chip on macOS platforms and improved accuracy across a variety of applications. The Print Standard Verifier module has been updated to embed the latest Idealliance textile standards, allowing users to check the conformity of prints against international standards for colour consistency. Idealliance professional standards and specifications are widely recognised across the graphic communication industry.

Accuracy is the holy grail of digital printing, and CalderaRIP Version14.1 provides a new algorithm to generate NColor linearisation targets for the X-Rite i1iO3 with the i1Pro3 Plus spectrophotometer. The resulting accuracy gains are perfect for applications that require a wide colour gamut, such as packaging or textile printing. Used in combination with the RIP’s state-of-the-art colour management tools, the X-Rite i1iO3 and the i1Pro3 Plus deliver colour-optimised workflows.

Working with Barbieri Electronic, Version14.1 now supports the Sensing Unit of the TotalColor qb Textile Edition spectrophotometer – an innovative device that helps to avoid measurement errors caused by distorted charts. According to Stefan Barbieri, CEO of Barbieri Electronic, ‘The ease of use of our instruments from within Caldera EasyMedia manager was always a key to success for effective inhouse media calibrations, and therefore guaranteed colour accuracy across media. This new addition extends that to the textile printing industry, which needs to continuously calibrate various fabrics.’

Version 14.1 also aims to improve accuracy of cutting and trimming workflows with the support of Summa’s OPOS Xtra feature, which helps to calibrate the cutter locally, increase the alignment methodology for smaller stickers and ensure an accurate cutting process at all times, even on deformed or shrunk media. This feature is available for all Summa cutters benefitting from this option, including the new Summa S One and the S2 series, as well as the HP Latex Plus cutters — all supported by V14.1.

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