Business Raises Quality Bar In Roll To Roll Print Production With swissQprint Installation

Dennis Weinrich and Bernhard Stiefel of Stiefel Digitalprint are impressed by the new swissQprint roll to roll printer.
GSW – Mimaki

Stiefel Digitalprint GmbH in Lenting near Munich recently became the first customer to begin operating swissQprint’s Karibu roll to roll printer. swissQprint first presented the new model in May 2019 and worldwide deliveries started in September.

Both Stiefel Digitalprint’s managing director and the machine operator are enthusiastic about the output quality that Karibu is applying to substrates, ‘The best I’ve ever seen in roll to roll printing.’ The company has been a committed swissQprint user since 2011 and Karibu is the fourth large format swissQprint printer to be installed on their premises.

Karibu complements the existing machinery at Stiefel Digitalprint and handles various kinds of roll to roll orders. Managing director Bernhard Stiefel is happy, ‘As expected, Karibu delivers impeccable quality and is a reliable all-rounder.’ Although the new roll to roll printer currently spends much of its time producing various PVC tarpaulins, it also gets to process wallpapers, a broad swathe of different textiles, and backlit media. ‘The day-and-night applications are fantastic,’ said Stiefel.

Karibu has special features that ensure high efficiency. The operator, Dennis Weinrich, highlighted the cassette system and material handling, ‘Roll changes are fast and easy. Working with Karibu is a real pleasure, it’s such a user-friendly printer.’ He also appreciates the edge hold-down devices, which ensure trouble-free processing of thin textiles and widths of wallpaper.

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