SENFA Announces New Sustainable Printing Solutions

Ikono-Printing & Protection Films

SENFA’s new products include Altimis: a new version of Sublimis made from recycled polyester, giving print service providers an exciting opportunity to offer an extra eco-friendly product to their customers.

Made from plastic bottles – with one bottle totalling one square metre of fabric – Altimis delivers the same outstanding performance as Sublimis with a lower carbon footprint. According to a study conducted by Plastic Europe, one tonne of recycled PET bottle equals a CO2 saving of 2.29 tonnes, a significant figure.

Other new products from SENFA include Theater Black Back, a lightweight product with a solid black back to totally block out light, which is printable on the textile side with either UV curable or direct sublimation technologies, and Grey Back, a semi-opaque woven fabric material developed for eye-catching frontlit displays such as banners and exhibition booths.

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