Aslan Announces Matt Protection Film With Paint Repellent Effect

Aslan Announces Matt Protection Film With Paint Repellent Effect

Surfaces that are often damaged by graffiti in areas open to the general public can be protected with MagicProtect Matt ASLAN SL 99, whether as a laminate for a digital print or on its own. This film has an outdoor durability of three years.

The protection film has been developed to protect digital printing films and other surfaces against vandalism, graffiti and dirt. Spray paint and dirt slides off the matt surface of this self-adhesive film like water off a lotus Leaf.

The 80µm polymeric, softened PVC film can be applied on smooth and curved surfaces. When used as a laminate in combination with a digital print, this film can also be applied to rough surfaces, with the use of a heat gun, to excellent effect.

As spray paint will not adhere to the film‘s surface, vandals will be put off immediately from causing any further damage. Any residue, paint and dirt can easily be cleaned off the surface.


– Protection of digital prints against graffiti and dirt.

– Protection of smooth, rough, flat or curved surfaces when applied direct of as a laminate for prints.

– Protects smooth and rough surfaces in all public places and transport/mass transit hubs as well as all areas that are open to the public: schools, waiting rooms, restrooms, shopping mall, indoor and outdoor walls, trains and train stations, airports, car parks and elevators – all unsupervised areas prone to vandalism.

Product advantages

– Matt coating without reflection.
– Damage by spray paint or dirt can easily be cleaned.
– Outdoor durability of up to three years.
– Compatible for prints with UV-curable inks.
– Application temperature: minimum 5° C.
– Classified to Euroclass flame retardant standard DIN EN 13501-1 (in review).


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