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Antalis has rebranded 15 of its vehicles, including 12 large four ton and six ton trucks, one bakkie and two combi- type vehicles, all of which will be seen on roads in Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth Johannesburg and Pretoria. The remainder of the company’s fleet has also been refreshed with new ‘look and feel’ decals on the doors. 

The company chose to work with Frantic Visual Communication which printed directly onto the Tarpaulins and, for the decal elements, used the Vutek QS3360 solvent machine, finishing both the curtains and decals with UV varnish.

‘We decided that a visual audit was necessary to ensure that every Antalis touch point was consistent with the brand guidelines prescribed by Antalis’ head office in France,’ said Caroline Coughlan, Marketing Manager at Antalis.

‘While we found some major inconsistencies in our vast array of visual elements we also found this process very cathartic and ultimately rewarding. The challenge to brand what is essentially a moving billboard had our team hard at work as we brainstormed creative for the vehicle branding,’ said Darnell Sardinha, Managing Director of Visual Ignition, the design team behind the latest Antalis vehicle re-brand.

‘It was important that the messages on all vehicles was easy to read, simple and a strong addition to the Antalis brand. The designs also had to take into consideration that it was being applied to large and small vehicles alike. What’s more, we had to include the wide range of offerings and services of the company. A tall order in anyone’s book!’ said Sardinha.

‘The branding included our pink paperman who helps us to convey our message across all sectors of the organisation which is ‘We can do a lot for you! Just Ask Antalis’.  We are very pleased with the end result and feel strongly that the latest editions to our growing fleet do the Antalis brand proud,’ concluded Coughlan.

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