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Following an extensive period of rigorous testing, the :Apogee Suite 7.1 prepress workflow has been certified as JDF-compliant for MIS to pre-press connections by the CIP4 Organisation. The new :Apogee Suite 8.0 has also been certified for Digital Print Connections.

In a series of independent tests :Apogee 7.1 successfully demonstrated automation based on certified JDF data supplied by MIS systems and :Apogee 8.0 successfully submitted a series of specific digital print jobs to a digital press. :Apogee Prepress was also able to send and handle a series of predefined JMF (Job Messaging Format) messages, which ask for specific setup information from the digital press and also synchronize the paper catalogues.

‘Print providers that employ JDF-certified solutions such as :Apogee from Agfa Graphics can rest assured that their entire workflow will run smoothly. Agfa Graphics and other companies have invested a lot of time and resources to create helpful technologies and achieve this certification so their customers will have a ‘Quality Assurance Stamp’ ensuring that the different applications they count on to run their shop, can work together,’ said Mark Bohan, vice-president, Technology and Research, Printing Industries of America. ‘The recent economic struggles all over the world have made automation and productivity gains all the more critical for printers. Our JDF Product Certification Program provides clear and unmistakable guidance for those printers working towards production automation.’

:Apogee Prepress provides a full JDF-enabled prepress production hub, allowing everyone in the production environment to manage and control all prepress processes. The increased level of automation available in :Apogee gives production environments the ability to accomplish more functions, freeing staff to work on other business-critical tasks.

‘Agfa Graphics is pleased to have been certified as JDF-compliant by the CIP4 organization. This certification confirms our industry-leading position as a JDF-integrator and our capabilities in establishing and aiding a hybrid production environment,’ said Andy Grant, Global Director of Software, Agfa Graphics. ‘Investing in Agfa Graphics’ :Apogee workflow is thereby proven to be a cost-effective solution for reliability, compatibility and commitment to standards, giving print service providers the highest quality results throughout the workflow.’

Agfa is a founding member of CIP4, a not-for-profit association that brings together vendors, consultants and end-users in graphic communications to work on and resolve important issues, many of them worldwide in nature, related to graphic arts equipment, software, peripherals and processes. For more information go to

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