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It has been one year since HEYblue® by Heytex was launched. The PVC-free textile and fabric concept HEYblue® has been a success for the company, showing that sign textiles are continuously growing. The demand for environmentally-friendly sign textiles is increasing, accelerated by general legal conditions, but also by a greater sensitivity of the consumer towards environmentally-friendly products.

Heytex Sales Manager Arnoud Mekenkamp is convinced: ‘PVC-free materials are becoming the new standard, especially for indoor use.’ In particular, due to convincing results in practical applications, ecologically sustainable textiles are increasingly accepted by the consumers. ‘This is only the prelude of market penetration’, added Mekenkamp. ‘The last twelve months proved to us that we are well prepared for the growth of this market with our broad HEYblue® product range. It meets the high requirements of users and consumers.’

The PVC-free Heytex HEYblue® product range consists of the two ranges: HEYblue® digitex® on polyester basis and HEYblue® digiline® on PP and PE basis. With a grand total of more than 25 products, this is one of the most varied product ranges of environmentally-friendly textiles ever.

‘We assume that Europe will be the first market with the highest growth rates. However, we have already achieved good results worldwide with HEYblue®. Environmentally-friendly and qualitatively equivalent products are becoming more and more important worldwide,’ said Mekenkamp.

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